With Whole-Life Growth Coach LYNN KNAPKE, MA, IAPOC, CPhT, CHES, DBH(cand.) 

"For a whole-life of well-being"

About Lynn Knapke
Lynn Knapke is a dedicated faith-based Life Coach, specializing in personal and relationship well-being, compassionate goal-setting, and whole-person support. With expertise in areas like anxiety, sorrowfulness, increased anger, emotional coping, mindset, family life, children of divorce, strengths development, and learning struggles, Lynn tailors her sessions to meet your unique needs. Lynn's approach is rooted in collaboration, resilience-strengthening, and trauma-informed coaching. Clients describe Lynn as positive, caring, and confidence-boosting. Lynn's inspiration for this behavioral health profession is helping individuals lead contented lives through life-changing support. Start your transformational journey with Lynn Knapke today.  If you're in the USA, begin by downloading the Zant.app here --
Unlock your potential
Achieve your goals with personalized life coaching --via video visits in the USA nationwide (or in the UK), frequency set on a case-by-case basis.  (Family Focused Tutors referrals especially welcome.)  For USA Appointment-making: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5YmHmKwypec&t=7s
For the UK: Just email Lynn.

Personal Well-being

Achieve inner peace, manage anxiety, and build resilience with personalized coaching sessions.

Relationship Support

Strengthen your relationships, improve communication, and resolve conflicts with expert guidance.

Goal Setting

Define your aspirations, set actionable goals, and stay motivated throughout your journey.

  • Alcoa, TN, USA
  •  Wed - 8:30pm-09:30pm Fri - 2:30pm-6:30pm Sat - 11-1pm & 5:30pm-7:30pm

Zant is a behavioral health app offering affordable and ready support --hosting Lynn Knapke's specialized Life Coaching services (especially suited to students and family members seeking faith-based help). These are the rates after 1st Free session --$25/visit for students and $75/visit for adults.

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